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How we can help you

Goodbye payroll will provide the following services and statutory requirements

Our Per Employee costs include the following.

  • Preparation and completion of weekly payrolls and direct deposit to employee banks.
  • Weekly payroll data direct to the ATO.
  • Preparation and completion of PAYG.
  • Preparation and completion of Payroll tax.
  • Preparation and completion of employee superannuation.
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Electronic payroll collection

MultiBio 800-H

Multi-biometric Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal

  • All sites will be fitted with our electronic data processor.
  • Savings of approximately 6% on time based payrolls occur due to the exactness of start and finishing times.

Our Rates

  • Our rates are based on a Per- Employee basis per week.
  • All statutory and employee requirements are included in our Per-Employee costs.
  • Our electronic/ computerised time recorders incur a one off fitting and training cost of $500 per unit.

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